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Certification and Quality

Maximum attention is paid to all products during the whole course of the production process, from thorough selection and inspection of purchased ingredients through the production process to careful handling and storage of the goods in temperature-controlled warehouses.

The efforts of all employees to ensure the highest possible quality and safety of foods produces is also proven by our ISO 22000, 18001, 14001, 9001 and also OHSAS, BRC, IFS, UTZ and BIO certificates. We have also been subject to an ethical business code audit through our membership of Sedex.

As a supplier to international groups of customers, EUROSNACK s.r.o. also meets the demanding qualitative demands of these companies, and undergoes strict audits from them each year.

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Czech Product award

The Czech product mark guarantees that the product was processed within the CR and observes a determined minimum percentage of main ingredients from domestic sources. In recent years, customers have become ever more interested in the quality and origin of the foods they eat. Our company has acquired the Czech product mark for a whole range of our products.